Do I need a 100 Mbps fibre plan?

 We get a lot of important questions from customers regarding which home internet plan would suit them best. It’s natural to ask yourself - Where do I start? How do I choose?

Here are a few tips we’ve put together when it comes to choosing a plan:

  1. Make sure you consider how you and your household will utilise the internet connection in order to get the right plan. If you live alone and only focus on e-mails and web browsing, then you can get by with a basic fibre plan. Most ISPs offer basic ones that come with 1-5 Mbps minimum download speed.
  2. If you are a couple who love to stream high-definition videos and content online, then to avoid buffering and lags, an internet connection with a minimum of 15-25 Mbps download speed is advisable.
  3. Now, if your household is made up of three to six members who enjoy super responsive gaming and 4K definition streaming, and spend most time online, then you would definitely have to sign up for a much higher plan with an 80-100 Mbps download speed This will allow you to utilise the internet with very minimal (if not no) latency.

Having a stable and fast internet connection has now become essential in almost every Australian household and Harbour ISP is proud to offer a great value plan that will let you enjoy high speed feel-good internet!

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