#Feelgoodinternet tips to beat the Christmas rush

Christmas is delightful, exciting and for many the most beautiful time of the year, but it is also a very busy period, especially when it comes to gift shopping. So, don’t let the Christmas rush get to you.

With the countdown now officially being on, it’s important to get organised if you want to avoid any last-minute trips to the shopping centre.

Here are our top tips to beat the Christmas rush so you can be merry and enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

  1. Make a list

Just like Santa, you need to have a list, too! Make a list of the people you will offer gifts to; this will help you set your shopping priorities. Not only will it save time when doing your gift shopping, but you will also find it easier to stick to your budget.

  1. Set a budget

It’s very easy to lose track when buying gifts for our loved ones. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts, so make sure you set a budget for food, gifts, and decorations.

  1. Browse and shop online

Browsing and shopping online might just be the most convenient way for you to avoid the crowds of shoppers! But remember that everyone across the globe is busily ordering gifts online, so expect delays and place your orders ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress. Even if the estimated shipping time is two or three days, with the increased demand for deliveries you don’t want to spend your Christmas Eve at your doorstep waiting for the packages to arrive.

  1. Prepare your home

It can get crowded in the house with all your friends and relatives coming over. Make sure that you do your decorations ahead of time to avoid kids tripping over your garlands and Christmas tree! With everyone getting connected to your home internet, make sure that you have enough internet data available. Subscribe to our unlimited data internet plans so everyone gets to experience that #feelgoodinternet right from the comfort of your home.

These are just simple tips to remind you that you can never go wrong with planning ahead of time and getting organised. We at Harbour ISP wish you an amazing holiday!