Forgetting your password? Try these free password managers

In these tech-age times, we are surrounded by apps and online services therefore keeping a strong password is imperative in maintaining our online security.

If you’re the type of person who easily forgets passwords, you might want to consider using a password manager. This internet privacy tool is a must-have to the digital nomads some of us have become. They say security comes with a price, but we’ve discovered some free password managers that you can use to maintain #feelgoodinternet at the comfort of your homes.

Check out these three password managers that you can enjoy for free:


LastPass is available in both free and premium versions so you can easily choose a tier that suits your needs. The free version of LastPass is outstanding as it allows you to store passwords, save user credentials and login info, and sync all your passwords across your devices. It also has an autofill feature that automatically fills out data on your saved websites. What’s even more exciting about this tool is its security as it encrypts and decrypts your saved passwords on your local device, so you don’t have to worry about your data being saved on LastPass’ server.


Dashlane is also a top choice for the free tier. Just like LastPass it can also store all kinds of information and has amazing features such as form and password auto-fill, password generator, password changer, personalized security alerts, and two-factor authentication. However, the free version is limited to one device and 50 passwords.


Another one on our top-free list is Bitwarden. This free password manager was built to be user-friendly as it is an open source. You can check on all kinds of support and forums online when you need help downloading this platform. With the free plan, you can enjoy unlimited cloud storage, multi-device sync, and an auto-fill function for almost all web browsers to automatically fill in your stored passwords. What makes Bitwarden another top choice is its superb security with end-to-end encryption.

If you would like to add another layer of protection, check out our blogpost about VPN. It’s time to let go of your written list of passwords. Enjoy #feelgoodinternet with the added assurance of security and safety while doing your online activities.