Three tech and internet myths debunked!

Only a few days before the scariest day of the year – Halloween! In true spirit of this holiday, we will be debunking rather popular and sometimes a little scary technology & internet myths.

Cybercriminals only target big companies.

MYTH. The scary truth is cybercriminals can target you whether you run a business or not. Regardless of your lifestyle, if you use the internet, you can be targeted A cybercrime is said to be reported, on average, every ten Minutes in Australia.

According to Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, cybercriminals utilize various methods to try to scam not just Australian businesses but also Australia families. In a report, about $15.8 million of losses  are caused by cybercrimes used to steal information alone.

To make sure you do not fall victim to cybercrimes, check out our previous BLOG post here - protect yourself from phone scams and protecting your passwords


You are being tracked online by your ISP.

MYTH. While we find this one funny, we cannot blame people for believing it but it should be understood that no known company has the resources to log and save such a big amount of data – giant companies included! There are privacy policies in place that ISPs always abide by so we can safely say, your ISP is on your side!


You do not need a secure Cloud connection.

MYTH. Now that we are spending more and more time at home and our usual day-to-day work can now be accomplished without leaving the house, it is a must to have a secure platforms that offer cloud services to store big amounts of data without the use of on-premises server.

A study on on-premises versus cloud service has been conducted where they have seen an approximate 30% potential cost savings when using the latter.


There you have it! We know that there are hundreds of myths out there about tech and the internet but we hope you found these ones useful!

Do you know any other technology or internet-related myths? We’d love to hear about them!