What you can do with a high-speed internet connection

OptiComm data shows us that following March, there has been a greater demand for internet and a growing continuous trend from the end of 2020. According to them, an average of 225 Gbps has traversed their network’s fibres each week and has become significantly higher towards the end of the year.

We once considered high-speed internet connection as a luxury but due to our changing climate, it has now become non-negotiable in almost every Australian’s household. We have, indeed, become dependent on lag-free and reliable internet connection. Fortunately, it is now possible to get access to high-speed connections that could support better online experiences. Here are some of the things you can do with a super-speed connection:


Lag-free Gaming

Without a doubt, technology took gaming to the next level. Regardless of age and gender, e-sports enthusiasts now have a vast array of choices for online games. With a 250 Mbps connection, latency and laggy gameplay will now be a thing of the past and more winning experiences await!


Next-level Streaming

This year, say hello to 4K streaming and goodbye to buffers. To fully experience the abundance of online video content, high-speed internet really is a must. With stronger and faster internet connection, simultaneous streaming and downloading will be a lot easier.


Efficient Working

Whether it is for work or play, having a super-speed internet connection really makes a difference. With working-from-home being the new normal in many companies and remote education slowly becoming a trend, faster internet means you will get to accomplish more work.


Home Futureproofing

Do not just settle for a smart phone, build a smart home! More and more Australian households are now adapting to Smart Home technology and investing in appliances and home gadgets that can be connected to the internet. A strong and reliable internet connection will ensure these future-proof devices function seamlessly and efficiently.


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